Instant Hair Remover Versus Long-Term Hair Remover: Which Should I Pick?

As the days start to warm, we'd all like to wear more comfortable clothing that bares more skin without the stigma of hairy armpits or stubble on our legs. If you're feeling self-conscious about exposing more skin, now is the time to start thinking about getting rid of unwanted or embarrassing surface hair.

Should you go for the tried-and-true short-term methods of shaving or hair removal creams, or is it time to consider something more long-term like laser hair removal? As it turns out, we've got a solution that could be a preferable alternative to both. Keep reading to find out more about your options for body hair removal.

Short-Term Body Hair Removal

We've all had hair on inconvenient parts of our bodies long enough to know all about shaving. It's easy, straightforward, and relatively affordable. The only problem is that you need to keep at it to keep your skin smooth and flawless. Plus, there is always the risk of ingrown hairs and painful nicks each time you shave.

Instant hair remover creams are more convenient than shaving, albeit at a slightly higher cost and can cause negative skin reactions such as chemical burns.. An electric razor can last a long time, but you'll need to keep replenishing your hair removal cream every few weeks.

Instant hair removal creams have the advantage of working just below the surface to keep your skin much smoother than a shaver. Unfortunately, the follicles are unaffected, so your hair will continue to grow.

Epilators rip your hair out by the roots, which gives you smoother skin for longer, but the pain is not worth it for most. You also risk ingrown hairs with epilators, but they are cost-effective.

Waxing can keep your skin smooth for a few weeks between sessions, but it's painful, and you will need two or three sessions every year to remain smooth and hairless. Treating large body parts like legs and torsos can also get expensive.

Long-Term Hair Removal

You have a few options for long-term hair removal, including laser hair removal, electrolysis, and IPL.

Laser hair removal will last a long time, but it's not a long-term solution for everybody and can only treat about 90% of your body hair. Stubborn follicles can also require extra treatments. The process is expensive, and comfort levels vary from uncomfortable to painful, depending on your pain threshold.

Electrolysis is the only treatment allowed to have the honour of being called permanent hair removal. However, if you're getting anything more than an upper lip or armpit treatment, you may need a loan from the bank. It's expensive, time-consuming, and often painful enough to warrant a topical anaesthetic to make it bearable.

No Grow hair removal cream is the perfect compromise for people who need an affordable, effective, long-term hair removal system. It's easy to apply, and with regular applications, you'll achieve baby smooth skin in around eight months. There is a No Grow hair removal cream for every body part, so you can target specific problem areas or treat your entire body.

Now that you know more about your hair removal options, be sure to visit our website to learn more about how No Grow long term hair removal creams which are helping people create smooth, stubble-free skin for months without painful treatments.

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