Complete Body and Facial Hair Removal Without Lasers: Is It Possible?

Hair growth all over the body, including arms, face, and legs, is a normal but often inconvenient part of life for males and females. Removing unwanted hair can be painful and is often expensive when dermatologists get involved.

Fortunately, there are many methods to get rid of unwanted hair that don't involve an appointment with an expensive professional or require lasers.

This article discusses why you might want to forego laser hair removal in favour of more convenient long-term strategies.

What You Need to Know About Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal might seem a logical choice because it's so long-term. However, not every hair type is suitable for laser treatment.

The process can be prohibitively expensive, especially if your goal is complete hair removal over most of your body.

Despite the exorbitant price tag, even high-tech hair removal treatments cannot permanently remove all hair growth. The best solutions will treat around 90 percent of your hair, leaving you to deal with the remaining 10 percent lasers can’t reach.

Lasers are a long-term, complete hair removal solution that will keep your unwanted hair at bay for a couple of years. However, you will need to redo the treatments eventually, which means a few more months of laser sessions.

Laser treatments work on a lot of hair types. It works best on dark hair, but some people may have hair that is not suitable. Lasers cannot target fine hair or hair that has no pigment, which includes light blonde, light red, or white hair. Fortunately, there's more than one way to remove hair from a human.


Shaving has been around for centuries, but it has a lot of drawbacks when it comes to removing hair from every square inch of your person.

The most obvious drawback is that shaved areas require regular maintenance. You have a few days at best before the stubble starts to poke through once again.

Shaving also requires care because nicks and cuts are common and painful. Good quality shaving blades aren't cheap, and when you are shaving your whole body, you will be replacing them with alarming regularity.

In short, shaving is great for small body parts if you are prepared to do it regularly, but it's inconvenient for getting rid of hair over large areas.


Electrolysis is another technical innovation that is popular for removing body hair.

Fine needles are placed directly into the hair follicles and exposed to shortwave radio frequencies. The hair follicles disintegrate under the assault and will never grow back.

Electrolysis delivers long-lasting results and is one of the few hair removal treatments allowed to be called permanent. You will want to be sure about your decision and know that you will never want your hair to regrow.

The procedure can be painful and is not kind to sensitive skin. It may result in red, inflamed skin in some people. Infection and permanent scarring are rare but are still risks worth considering.

Chemical Depilation

Depilatory creams work by softening the keratin (hair protein). The soft strands fall right out to be easily disposed of.

The cream does not affect the hair follicles, so each treatment will only give you a few hair-free weeks before you need another application.

Depilatory creams are location-sensitive, so it's not a good option for your entire body. Most products will target specific areas like the face, arm pits, or pubic areas.

Always test a depilation cream on a small piece of skin before going all in. Side effects can include chemical burns, blisters, and scars.


Epilation lasts longer than shaving, but it's one of the most unpleasant ways to remove hair. Modern epilators improve comfort by not pulling on the skin as much. Still, your fortnightly appointment with the epilator won't be your favourite time of the week.

Because of the way epilators work, there's a risk of ingrown hairs, but regular exfoliation can help.

No Grow Hair Remover & Growth Inhibitor Creams

No Grow Hair Remover & Growth Inhibitor creams are another popular option for full-body hair removal that might be a more convenient option for those who prefer at-home pain-free methods.

How are No Grow Hair Remover & Growth Inhibitor Creams Different?

No Grow inhibits hair growth at the anagen growth stage of the hair growth cycle.

Applying the cream blocks nutrients the hair follicle needs to grow. A malnourished hair follicle grows smaller and produces fine soft strands.

No Grow Hair Remover & Growth Inhibitor creams are not permanent, but they are long-term solutions if you use them correctly. Unlike a depilatory cream that only dissolves the surface hair, No Grow Hair Remover & Growth Inhibitor cream uses a different principle for complete hair removal and smoother skin.

Hair growth occurs in three phases, and it's these phases that hair removal creams like No Grow target. Reducing hair growth will take a few months, which is why hair removal creams need approximately eight months of continued use to produce results.

The great thing about No Grow Hair Remover & Growth Inhibitor creams is that the longer you use them, the finer and less noticeable your hair will become. You can expect noticeable results by month four, and smooth hair-free skin by month eight.

Many of the above hair removal methods can make life painful for people with sensitive skin. If you're one of the unfortunate few who can't tolerate other treatments, No Grow Hair Remover & Growth Inhibitor cream may be worth considering.

How to Use No Grow Hair Removal Cream

No Grow contains a special formulation of natural ingredients suitable for all hair colours, skin and hair types and won't affect tattoos.

As with most topical hair removal products, No Grow targets specific areas of the body. We have 5 different variants available for you to select from.

Are you searching for a complete hair removal system that doesn't cause pain, is convenient, and in many cases cost effective? Check out our website today for more information on how No Grow might be the complete hair removal solution you are looking for.

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